Hosted PBX

in2pbx –  The Hosted PBX for SMEs

An enterprise-grade phone system for small business prices. There’s are no infrastructure requirements and we only require a minimum of two users for purchase!

All you need is an IP phone or a smartphone and you’re up and running.

Manage your phone system from any device, from any location.


We’ll provide full support including provisioning, installation and 24/7 Irish and UK-based assistance to give you complete peace of mind. If you’ve already invested in IP hardware, don’t worry. The platform is highly compatible with IP telephones found worldwide.

in2pbx Call Features

Embedded call features that drive productivity.

Includes Linkus – Softphone for Desktop and Mobile

Linkus is a unified communications app included with in2pbx. It’s compatible with
Windows desktop, Mac desktop*, iPhone and Android phones.

Linkus transforms your desktop and mobile phone into a fully-featured office extension, providing a convenient call experience and offering powerful collaboration features like: Presence, instant messaging and CRM integration.

in2pbx Extension Features

Easy to use extension features that support
agents and compliance.


For many years, an on-premises PBX (Private Branch exchange) was the only phone system available to businesses. All phone extensions would be linked to your PBX box and this would connect them to the phone network, using either PTSN or ISDN telephone lines.

These boxes were and still are available, as a one-off purchase or a lease.

A hosted phone solution uses the Internet to connect your extensions to the phone network. There is no need for a physical phone system on your premises. The management and setup are all done through web portal and this can be accessed through most Internet-enabled devices.

With in2pbx, you are charged per user, on a monthly basis. There are no significant up-front costs.

Hosted solutions have a low setup cost, as they avoid paying large up-front costs for a new system. Handsets aren’t required if you’re using a softphone. If you are using handsets, IP-enabled handsets are required.

Most hosted solutions are charged per extension, per month. Hosted solutions are often the cheaper option for small businesses with a small to medium number of extensions. For large-scale enterprises, the monthly costs often exceed that of buying an on-site phone system.

There is a dedicated support section that can be found here.

The Benefits

Sign up with as little as two extensions!

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